Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Creative Dilema

More Camera Bag trickery. I like the silhouette of the trees, the cloud patterns, yet I can't get away from the white hole in the sky where the sun pours through. It's this, more than anything, which makes me mistrust it as an image. Look at the clouds just above the tree-line to the left, and it's as though the image has been 'solarized' - which takes it completely out of the realm of naturalistic photograph, and into the realm of studio manipulation. And since the image is a result of someone else's pre-sets (settings to accomplish the effect), I'm less inclined to congratulate myself on it.
On the other hand, perhaps if I use someone else's pre-sets to create a successful image and it doesn't bring software manipulations to the forefront of my mind, then maybe I'll enjoy the image more? We'll see.

1 comment:

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