Saturday, August 18, 2007

Me, I Disconnect From You. (And Now A Word From Our Sponsors...)

Edward Hopper-land?

I'm adding a few words, for a change. Somewhat by request - by which I mean that a couple of people, as if to prove that someone, somewhere, is actually viewing this nonsense - said they wanted a few words of accompaniment on occasion. So.

In explaining to one person the idea behind this visual record, I suggested that over a period of time it would give clues to my aesthetic sense, while also offering evidence of my moods and state of mind, sans words. And, I think that's proving true already. I noticed a little while back that the posts were lacking warmth, they were a series of forms and structures, largely unpeopled. The posts were lacking for that, becoming repetitive (hence the addition of the 'Kid' pic), Now, without going too deeply into 'confessional' mode, I realize that it's echoing a sense of disconnect I've been feeling here in New York. It's a yardstick of sorts. To paraphrase Groucho Marx, the question now is: 'Is that a frontyard stick or a backyard stick?'

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