Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The Gambler.

There's a certain kind of man, a certain type of character. Imagine a baseball player, if you will - bottom of the ninth, facing a full count - three balls, two strikes. His team is one run behind, but a runner is on base. His team is one out from defeat. The manager wants only for him to get on base, keep the game alive, but at the plate, this is a man with no taste for leaving his destiny in the hands of anyone else. When the final pitch comes, he'll swing for the fence, chasing glory, quite ready to take responsibility for defeat. There'll be no playing safe.
Or else... playing the casinos, blackjack. He's a working man, down to his last fifty bucks. But, he's not going to nurse the remaining money, play five dollar hands. You'll never make a killing that way. So with his last fifty, he offers a generous tip to the cocktail waitress, the attractive girl who's been bringing him Johnny Walker Black all night. The rest he places on a single hand. He'll either win enough to double the next bet and play on... or this time, he'll be forced to call it a night.
For the true gambler, both in life and at the tables, winning small, isn't really winning.
This is Justin, living the High Life - Austin, Tx.

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