Tuesday, April 22, 2008

On Cars and Bikes:

The first driving lesson I ever had was in my brother's car, in a supermarket car park. About twenty seconds into the lesson I crashed into a wall. This was particularly unfortunate, since unlike myself, my brother has always been interested in cars and and has always taken pride in those he's owned - not least back then, when he was young and working his way towards something new and sporty. Being of a more balanced temperament than myself, he took it all in stride, didn't hold it against me.
He's always been into bikes too. We raced on the same cycling team for a few years. Typically he always maintained his bikes in good condition, whereas I barely threw water at mine even when it was covered in mud. He's long been an admirer of Lance Armstrong, and when I was going through a tricky time for a period, he sent me a copy of Armstrong's autobiography by way of inspiration.
Anyway, some of this is what I had in mind when I shot this. Apart from what the license plate says about Texas, y'all, the combination of Porsche and cyclist had my brother in mind.

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