Monday, June 29, 2009

In Search of the Brontes

The Bronte parsonage, in Haworth, Yorkshire, where the Bronte sisters lived and died. Charlotte and Emily are the two most well known sisters - but who was the third sister?

Trivia answer: Anne, also an author. There was a brother too, Branwell a painter and opium addict.

The average life expectancy in Haworth in the mid-1800's was 25. Emily died at 30, Anne died at 29, and Charlotte died at 38. Branwell died at 30.

Emily, Anne and Branwell died within six months of one another, from tuberculosis.

There were six Bronte children, though two didn't make it past infancy. Charlotte lived the longest, at 38. The father, Patrick, outlived all of them by some distance. He lived to the age of 84.

These are not their gravestones, but rather, random faded stones from the cemetery in which they're buried.

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The building looks just like the one in Spaced.