Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Reconstituted Blog.

It has nothing to do with the new year. Or not much, anyway. It's been in the works for a while. I laid off the blog for a while because a) it/I lacked inspiration and b) life seemed to be happening...which is to say, my priorities lay elsewhere. But now, I hope, with luck, here comes The Vanished Instant 2.0.

When I originally started this blog, the intention was that it would be a means of expressing myself visually. I'd started a novel, and between that and trying to hunt down freelance writing work, and then actually writing the work when I managed to capture it, there didn't seem time left for more words. Or, more importantly perhaps, inclination.

Well, the novel bit the dust. And before that, I left New York City and moved to Austin, Texas. And no matter how you slice it, Austin as a city (and let's just throw in Texas as a state for good measure), isn't as visually stimulating as NYC (hardly a surprise), or visually stimulating, period. Which isn't to say that you can't find subject matter wherever you are, regardless (see next post). Only that I didn't find myself venturing to a broad cornucopia of places.

So, if The Vanished Instant was, to some extent, my reaction to a particular stimulation, a passage of thought at a given moment - something fleeting, as all life is - then it occurs to me that what I read or see or hear comes under that heading too. In which case, the only way for me to move this forward is to incorporate those elements. Incorporate them, with the photographs (which will continue to form the majority of posts), and create a broader dialogue that way.

Dialogue with myself that is. Because I know there's no-one else out there.


emc said...

*cricket. cricket. cricket.*

Anonymous said...

No-one else out there? Not true. You never know when a random girl in Seattle will be checking out your blog because she was captivated by a picture of an older gentleman...