Tuesday, July 5, 2011


                                              Erin McReynolds Davis, Austin, TX

My friend Erin needed an author portrait on short notice, for upcoming pieces in literary magazines. This is what I came up with - though I think she selected a different image from the same series (she's contrary like that). 

The last piece she published appeared in The North American Review. Another story can be found here, at literary quarterly r.kv.r.y: http://www.rkvry.com/essays/200-erin-mcreynolds


emc said...

Ach, they're all great photos - I just look so dern mad. You should post the one I picked and ask for a vote.

JD. said...

Mad, as in angry, or Mad, as in crazy? One being a more temporary affliction than the other. I don't know which one you chose....