Thursday, February 4, 2010

Harry Ransom - Magnum Man

A news story in the New York Times reported that the Magnum Photo Agency archive has been purchased by Michael Dell, and will be housed at the magnificent Harry Ransom Centre in Austin, Texas - thus confirming one thing we already know, which is that the Ransom Centre is the most important building in Austin, and probably in all of Texas. Why? Go look around....

                                        ©  Bruce Davidson/Magnum

The Magnum print archive has been bought, but not the photographers rights to their own images. Nice. One estimate says that the prints have been insured for $100 million.

                                 © Phillip Jones Griffiths / Magnum

Two sixteen wheelers were loaded up with the archive, carefully monitored by GPS for the journey from NYC to Austin.

                                 © Richard Kalvar / Magnum

The Ransom Centre plans to scan and digitize each image, as well as produce exhibitions and make the archive available for research.

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