Thursday, February 11, 2010

Polaroid Pt 1

Polaroid - first of all, don't shake it. Despite Outkast's urgings, it's counter-productive to the finished image, re-distributing portions of the film as it dries.

But anyway.
                                          Avalanche, by William Wegman

The great Polaroid company has gone bankrupt twice in this decade, courtesy of digital technology (oh, and then there's the billion dollar pyramid scheme that the owner was caught in too). One result of this is that their vast collection of artist poloaroids are going on the auction block. The collection is estimated to bring in $7.5 million to $11 million.

                                       Imogen and Herione by David Hockney

I'm a big fan of Hockney's work, and  there's remarkable stuff been done down the years with polaroids. I'll dig out more striking examples somewhere along the way...

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