Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Life in a Northern Town

© John Bulmer

© John Bulmer

                                              © John Bulmer

I read an article in one of the English newspapers today about an exhibition of photographs by John Bulmer. I wasn't familiar with his work, but it's evocative stuff. Much of it was taken on assignment in the early '60s. The images that really struck me were from a series he shot for the Sunday Times on the changing face of the North of England.

What several images brought to mind was that Manchester, where some of the images were taken, looked very much this way when I was a kid. I'm reminded what a poor city it was then, and of where my parents come from. Also, of how far we've come, in a certain sense.

I've posted a couple of Bulmer's pictures here, but I'm a bit wary of infringing his copyrights, and so I'd rather direct you to his site, which is here:


Meanwhile, I'm inclined to look into the possibility of purchasing prints from the exhibition...

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