Tuesday, February 9, 2010

One Day Like This

                    Last visit home - Manchester city centre May 2009

Guy Garvey, of the band Elbow, speaking with singer-songwriter Jess Hoop after convincing her to move to Manchester from LA:

Garvey says: "I've got a theory about why Manchester generates the music it does and a lot of it is days like today [gestures to the grey afternoon outside]."
"And how often do days like today happen?" Hoop asks pointedly.
"Often," says Garvey. "Are you asking for your money back? Someone described it recently as it's like the whole of the city is in a Tupperware box when the sky is this grey. You don't know where the sun is and the colour doesn't change from dawn to dusk. So the passage of time isn't so obvious and I think that encourages introspection."
                                                 from The Observer (UK)

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